Ringing in the Resolutions

I may be a few days late, but Happy New Year! I absolutely love this time of year, mostly for the amount of determination I see in everyone around me. With that being said, 2020 is filled with endless possibilities and I can’t wait all it brings.

I decided to take the first few days of 2020 to reflect on the past year and what I really wanted to achieve. I feel like I start every January with a long list of goals that I plan to achieve in the year to come. However, by the time February comes around I notice that the motivation behind these goals has disappeared. Well, this year I thought it best to document my goals publicly so that I can hold myself accountable. So let’s ring in this new year with new resolutions! Here are my personal goals for 2020 along with the steps I plan on following throughout the year:

  1. Put God first
- Pray more
- Start going to church every week
- Trust him
- Do daily Devotionals 

I realized that this has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I have always put other things above my faith. This year, I pray that God allows me to follow through with my goal of starting each day in his word. He has granted me many resources (the Bible app is a blessing) and I am proud to say that I am on track to finish reading the Bible using the Bible in One Year 2019 by Nicky Gumbel (which is FREE on the Bible App!) This daily devotional plan has already changed my perspective on 2020 and has encouraged me to grow deeper in my relationship with God. If this is also a goal of yours, I encourage you to start this plan.

2. Become a Morning Person

- Get 8 hours of sleep each night
- Stop using my phone by 9:30 pm
- Set phone far away from my bed
- Set fewer alarms in the morning

I used to consider myself a morning person but after this past semester, I have discovered that I am most definitely NOT a morning person. I struggled to get out of bed and saw myself setting 5 alarms just to get out of bed by 8am. This year, I hope that I can get up early so that I can have an easy and relaxing start to each day. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I’ll be able to stay off my phone after 9:30 pm… which leads to my next goal.

3. Limit Social Media Usage

- Set time limits using iPhone settings
- Stay off phone after 9:30 pm
- No social media before 9:00 am

Social media has not been kind to my mental health, yet I still see myself spending hours every day using it. I hope that limiting my social media usage will allow for more time to have new experiences and happier life.

4. Strengthen Relationships

- Text and Communicate more
- Set plans in advance
- Focus more about the other person

I will admit that I am not the best at maintaining relationships. I find myself so focused on myself and my own personal goals that I forget to spend time with the people in my life. This year, I plan on dedicating more time with the relationships I have simply by setting plans far in advance and communicating more frequently.

5. Bring music back in my life

- Don't be worried about what others think
- Do vocal exercises every day
- Learn basic chords for the piano

Music used to be a HUGE part of my life. I played the flute up until 9th grade and then pursued singing for the next four years. I absolutely loved creating such wonderful music and it was something that brought me so much joy. Unfortunately, I let my worries be the reason to stop. I began telling myself that I wasn’t good and became so embarrassed by my voice. Well in 2020 my voice will not be silenced. I hope to bring singing back into my life by learning a few chords for the piano and practicing vocal techniques!

No matter how hard your goals get remember to not give up! It is ok to try again. You can start goals at any time of the year, not just in January. I have a good feeling about 2020 and what it will bring to my life. I hope that you feel the same way! Feel free to share your goals and plans for this new year, I am rooting for you!

~Katelyn Sinclair


Creating a Season of Love

I am absolutely astounded by the fact that we are already almost through with November. This semester has flown by and in the next couple of weeks, I will be preparing for the next one. Not only are we getting in preparation for a new month, but we are also preparing for a new season: winter. For some, winter is a warm time of celebration, it’s a time to be with the people you admire most. For others, their emotions reflect the wintery weather and they start to feel lonely in a cold and dark time. As part of my preparation for the holidays, I thought it would be best to acknowledge and bring awareness to this seasonal depression and share my thoughts with all of you.

Seasonal depression: a type of depression that comes and goes with the seasons, typically starting in the late fall and early winter and going away during the spring and summer.

What causes seasonal depression?

There are so many things that can be the cause of this epidemic. Here are a few that I have noticed for myself.

  • Winter weather
  • The stress of school
  • Lack of motivation
  • Loneliness
  • Old memories

How do we fight seasonal depression?

Remind yourself that you are not alone

First off, anxiety and depression twist your thoughts into thinking you are alone. This couldn’t be more false. You do not need to go into this battle with anxiety and depression alone. Remind yourself every day that you are not alone, God is always there. He is your provider of strength, peace, and help. He will give you grace and help in your time of need. Others are struggling just like you. Reach out to them and go into battle together. Reach out to him and own this season as a season of love.

Fight the “no-motivation monster”

Whenever the holidays are near I get into this weird funk. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do ANYTHING. Weeks before, I start to realize that a holiday break is near and my flame just seems to flicker out. I like to call this the “no-motivation monster”. This monster just follows me around at the end of each semester and interferes with my studies, relationships, mental health, and more.

This semester this monster has created a bigger and bigger wedge between me and my responsibilities but I am determined to fight it off. Here are a few ways you can fight off this “no-motivation monster”

  • Wake up early! Waking up early and actually getting out of bed has helped me feel so much more productive these past few weeks. Now, some days are easier than others, but doing this has definitely helped me prepare for each day. Get up, grab a cup of coffee and mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come.
  • Remind yourself why. For me, I have no motivation for school. I just can’t seem to focus on my assignments this time of year. Reminding myself why I am at school and why I am studying Public Relations helps me find motivation to finish out the semester. This technique helps me stay focused and on track to my goals for my life.
  • Find someone who can keep you accountable. Find a friend or family member who will keep you busy and focused. Maybe you’re both struggling with seasonal depression, keep each other accountable.

Surround yourself with loved ones

The holidays are a time for family, but the family doesn’t have to mean by blood. To me, family are those who love you and genuinely care about you. They are the people who create a safe place for you. So if you are not close to your family, find a new one. This could be your church family, your work family, your school family, etc. Any group of friends that create a sense of homeyness in your life.

Most importantly, reach out to those who don’t have a family. Maybe this is their first holiday without a loved one, maybe they are far from home and can’t travel this year, maybe they don’t have a community to call their family. Reach out to those who are alone this holiday season and invite them to join your family.

Remember the memories, don’t dwell on them

This season can bring back a lot of memories. Maybe they’re warm memories of your favorite holiday traditions and of how things used to be. Maybe the old memories bring up a sensitive subject. Don’t let these old memories ruin your new ones. Cherish the old memories for what they were, but realize that they are something to celebrate not dwell on. If they’re good memories, let them be a reminder of how much you love them, don’t compare them to what you have now. If they’re bad memories, let them remind you of how much you’ve grown throughout the years. Remember the true reason for this holiday season and recognize the fact that everything happens for a reason. Christmas is a time to be hopeful for what’s to come, be patient and be thankful, and most importantly, remember the reason for the season.

Be generous

Generosity is something I have always struggled with, mostly because I’ve never been financially stable enough to donate. Within the past few weeks, I have been focusing on becoming a more generous person. I have learned that generosity doesn’t have to be related to money, you can be generous with your time and your actions. With that being said, it is my top priority to find ways to be generous to the community around me.

A few things I have been doing:

  • Buying the food/ drink of the person behind me in a drive-thru.
  • Volunteering
  • Being a helpful hand or a listening ear to those who need it

This is a season of giving, and I have to say that giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving. I am not trying to become a more generous person to feel better about myself and this dark season, but providing a little bit of light in someone’s life has definitely helped illuminate my life. Seeing the joy in others has helped me feel joy myself.

I wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season. I hope that my thoughts can give some peace and advice to those who are struggling in this season. Remember that you are not fighting this battle alone. Share this post with your loved ones and be someone who is willing to fight by their side.

~Katelyn Sinclair

Fall Favorites

The leaves shift shades, the air gets crisper, and suddenly everything smells like pumpkin spice. It is my absolute favorite season y’all: it’s fall!

It is truly a blessing to live in Cincinnati in autumn because of the remarkable nature, numerous amounts of pumpkin patches, and all the fun activities there is try. Here is a list of some of my Fall Favorites!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I have to admit that I am a lover of the pumpkin spice, specifically pumpkin spice lattes. There is something so cozy and warm about the famous fall drink that makes it a priority for this time of year. However, Starbucks truly changed the game this year with their Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. As a cold-coffee fanatic, I felt like this was the most perfect way to combine my love of the PSL and Cold Brew. The Pumpkin foam was the perfect amount of sweet to go along with the Starbuck’s irresistible cold brew. Thank you Starbs, for making this fantastic fall favorite.

Sweater Weather

Sweaters. Need I say more? I am someone who is almost always cold and I am so thankful for the time of year when it is finally socially acceptable to wear sweaters. Nothing makes me happier than putting on a soft sweater to keep me warm as I walk to class on a chilly fall morning.

My personal favorite for this year is a thrifted chunky rose-colored sweater.

Kings Island Halloween Haunt

This is a new favorite of mine. For years, I have HATED going to Haunt. My friends and boyfriend would have to drag me into the park because I hated it so much. But this year I gave in… and bought myself a no scare necklace to protect me from all of the scarers. I have to admit that this was probably the best $12 I have ever spent in my life. It was a shield to protect me from the scary actors which led me to an appreciation for Kings Island Halloween Haunt. Maybe next year I will learn to appreciate it without the necklace…

Fall Candles

Bath and Body Works coming in clutch with the fall scents, am I right? My favorites of the fall scents have to be Leaves and Flannel. I’m not one for sweet/ sugary smells when it comes to scents, I much prefer crisp and clean smells. If you’re like me, or if you are having trouble getting into this fall spirit, I recommend you locate the nearest Bath and Body Works and find one of these scented candles IMMEDIATELY. Light one of those three- wick bad boys and you will feel as though you are walking through an autumnal wonderland.

~Spooky~ Movies

Who doesn’t love seasonal cinematic masterpieces? I absolutely love watching movies that put me in a spooky mood. My personal favorite has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, mostly because it combines my love of Halloween, Christmas, AND Disney. I mean what more could I ask for in a movie? Once the song “This Is Halloween” hits, I’m instantly ready for ~spooky season~

Do you agree with any of my fall favorites? Let me know!

~ Katelyn Sinclair

A New Chapter

Hello and welcome, friends!

They say that you make time for what you love and I intend on putting more effort into the thing I love to do: write. I created this blog to practice writing, and throughout the last year and a half, I have continued to put this blog on the back burner. Well, this is me making the step to change that! From here on out, I plan on becoming a consistent writer!

To keep myself accountable, I think it’s best to share my goals here. From now on, I am determined to post content at least twice a month. Shortly, I hope to exceed that number and post weekly! But for now, I want to make a reasonable goal that will encourage me to fulfill.

I am blessed and excited to share that I have started a new chapter in my life. I have entered a new season of growth filled with new accomplishments, experiences, lessons, tips, and more! I would love more than anything to bring you along on this blogging journey. I have so many ideas to share, and I am delighted to finally make this step and open up with all of you.

Pack with Me: Disney

As I sit here packing for my fun two-day adventure in Walt Disney World, I thought I would share with you all some of my Disney essentials!

First off: Outfits!

Planning my outfits is my favorite part of packing for any trip ESPECIALLY Disney. I love being able to express myself and my love for Disney with adorable clothes. I also love being able to see everyone else’s outfit ideas while I am walking around the parks.

When packing for Disney it is important to remember that cute must equal comfort. Walking around for 12+ hours each day in the scorching Florida heat is not very fun when you’re not dressed appropriately. I recommend light and airy clothing as well as shorts!

Epcot and Hollywood Studios: This trip I am only spending two days in the parks. On the first day I am visiting Epcot in the morning and Hollywood Studios in the evening. I am wearing an old pair of jean shorts and this cute embroidered Disney shirt. I’m also bringing a Disney sweatshirt to wear at night while I am watching the fireworks. During the day I plan on wearing my Groot hat (pictured later) and of course my white Adidas shoes (also pictured later)

Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom: Our second day we are visiting the Kingdoms! I decided to pack a coral/pink tank top and athletic shorts because it is supposed to get up to 90 degrees (gotta love Florida am I right?) I also packed my Adidas because they are the COMFIEST shoes I have ever owned and they are perfect for doing an intense amount of walking in the parks. Last but not least I packed my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears because I can’t go to Magic Kingdom without taking pictures with them.

What’s in my Disney bag?

Backpacks are a MUST when it comes to theme parks. Here is a list of everything I take into the parks with me

  1. A Backpack- For this trip I wanted to find a backpack that was both functional and fashionable. I came across this light coral/ pink one at Target for $20 and just had to have it (plus it matches my Rose Gold ears)
  2. Minnie Ears- Ears are the best part of Disney in my opinion. Whatever your style is, I am willing to bet there are ears that match it! I think ears are a fantastic way to express yourself while also showing your love for Disney. I am personally a fan of the Rose Gold ears but there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of ears out there. I bought these Rose Gold ones from EBay but they can also be found online or at the parks. There are also many great Etsy shops that sell custom ears of almost any design or character you can think of!
  3. Sunglasses- DO NOT FORGET THEM. Trust me, I’ve been there before. The ones that I am bringing are actually from the time I forgot my sunglasses and had to buy them in Magic Kingdom. If you want to avoid overpriced sunglasses, I recommend you bring them!
  4. Sunscreen (not pictured)- It’s Florida. Just trust me on this one.
  5. A Hat- Baseball hats are great for sunny Florida days. I personally like wearing them so I don’t have to worry about my face getting red, but they are also super cute and the perfect accessory! I am bringing my Groot hat that I bought last year in Hollywood Studios.
  6. A Portable Phone Charger- You will be using your phone a lot to take pictures so these come in handy!
  7. An Autograph Book- If you love meeting characters I recommend buying an autograph book! You can find them in every park and in many gift shops. I think it is a great way to keep track of the characters you meet.
  8. Water Bottle (not pictured)- It’s important to stay hydrated (especially in Florida heat)
  9. A Plastic Rain Poncho- it rains A LOT in Florida and unfortunately this rain is pretty unpredictable. I recommend bringing a cheap rain poncho into the parks just in case it storms! You can buy ponchos at Walmart, Meijer, dollar stores, etc. You can even buy ponchos in the parks but for a hefty price.

I hope you enjoyed packing with me! Stay tuned for pictures and posts from my trip 🙂

~ Katelyn Sinclair

Monday Thoughts: God is our To-Do List

I am and have always been a planner, someone who feels so much peace with making a checklist and being able to check things off. I love strategically controlling each item and knowing exactly when I can check it off and what I need to do next.

With that being said, I allow for my list to always be full. You see, this “to-do list” is never-ending. One moment you finally accomplished everything and the next you have a million more things thrown at you. These lists can become so exhausting that it becomes so challenging to get everything done. This confusing constant cycle makes us unsure of our purpose and where our life is headed. As the list builds, so does the pressure weighing down on us, so we prioritize what we think is important.

Sound familiar?

We prioritize things like homework, essays, tests, work, etc. above the most important thing: God.

“I want to be a woman who trusts God has a plan even when I don’t understand.”

Something I want to work on is putting God first on my list of things to do. I often become so obsessed with the “stuff” going on in my life that I push God that I push him lower and lower on my list. Some days he doesn’t even make the list. What I got from this quote is that God is so much more important than the things going on in our lives. God is the ultimate planner, he knows everything going on in your life and he knows exactly where your path is headed. Devoting time to God will make this path more clear, and you’ll be amazed at how this to-do list becomes easier.

God is our to-do list. He puts every single thing on there and he is challenging you to put him first. If you put your faith in him he will reveal all of his plans for you in time. Even though it may not make sense now, understand that he will show you what is really important on your list and lead you to a better life.

A Coffee Community

In high school, I found a passion (maybe an obsession) for supporting local coffee shops. There is just something about holding a beautifully-crafted cup of coffee while you plop down in a seat to get work done, catch up on some reading, or even talk to a friend. Coffee shops are a haven. A place of peace. But today I learned the true purpose of coffee shops: to connect to the community around you.

I spent this chilly Friday morning in a local Newport coffee shop. My intention to get a head start on studying for midterms in a place that wasn’t on Northern Kentucky’s campus. I wanted a different environment (or maybe just a delicious latte) to motivate me. When I arrived at the coffee shop, I was immediately intimidated by how busy it was. In fact, there was not a free table in sight. I started to gather my things to leave when one of the baristas stopped me and guided me to the bar where there was one empty seat. It was a tight spot, definitely not one that was meant to be filled with a bunch of large textbooks, but it was the last spot in the shop and it was saved just for me.

I sat my backpack on the floor and reached for my textbook but found myself reaching for my bible study book instead. At that moment I opened my bible and started on my devotionals for the week. I was diving deep into the Word when an older gentleman walked up to me. He kindly asked me what I was reading and before I knew it we were sharing our own personal journeys with one another.

The man expressed to me that he was in his late 50s and that in each day he continues to learn more about the lord. “We are always learning.”

We are always learning. Each moment of our lives brings us new opportunities, new memories, new lessons, and new relationships. Even in a small coffee shop in Newport, Kentucky I was able to learn.

There is definitely a community in coffee shops. Each individual carefully placed in the same shop at the same time, each one with the potential to inspire one another. I encourage all of you to not only support local businesses but also support the community around you. Say hi to a stranger, give them a compliment, and make them smile. You never know what interactions you will face and what lessons you will learn.

The Most Valuable Gifts

Waking up on Friday morning, I realized that it was my last time waking up as a teenager. My birthday was the next day and I knew I had finally grown out of my teenage years. I had no idea that within the span of a weekend I would completely transform from a quiet nineteen-year-old into an independent twenty-year-old leader.

A few months ago I was chosen to serve as the Vice President of Programming for my sorority: Delta Gamma. Not long after being elected, I was told that I had to attend the Delta Gamma February Leadership Institute in Columbus, Ohio the weekend of my twentieth birthday. I was a little disappointed at first because I always look forward to seeing my friends and family on my birthday, but I knew this was an opportunity to grow closer to my sorority. Not only did my love for Delta Gamma grow, but I also learned a lot about myself and the leadership qualities I possess.


Since I was given this opportunity to grow as a leader, I decided to share the most important takeaways from this experience. I consider these lessons the best gifts a girl could ask for on her birthday.

1.Understand your WHY

We all have things we need to just get done. Mindless tasks that seem pointless at the moment, but when looked at as a whole have a significant impact on your life. Sometimes reminding yourself and others what your purpose is will make these tasks easier and more enjoyable.

This lesson was extremely helpful when it comes to being a leader. If I want others to perform at the best of their abilities, it is my job to explain to them why certain tasks need to be done. Communicating a clear reason allows for each individual to set a common goal with everyone else. In the end, everyone works together in hopes to achieve this goal.

2. Accountability = LOVE

Holding yourself or others accountable is a key element to having a successful organization. Often we use the term “accountability” in a negative context. For example, we hold ourselves accountable for all of our actions and own up to our mistakes. Accountability is something that is expected or required but if it’s something that is expected why do people see it as something that is negative?

Is it the hassle of having to do something that we are embarrassed by doing?

Is it because we fear judgment from the mistakes we’ve made?

Being brave enough to say something to someone or even yourself shouldn’t be a negative thing because it is out of love. Holding someone accountable shows that you care about them. You are looking out for them and you are trying to better them. Accountability= love.

3. Be Genuine.

The key to success is being genuine. You will never get anywhere by trying to be anyone but yourself. As a people pleaser, this is something I have always struggled with. I try my best to shape my personality to match someone else’s. Realizing it now, I have cheated myself out of great relationships because I was too scared of being my authentic self. This Institute has encouraged me to focus on the values that are most important in my life.

The same goes for social media. If you ever want to call yourself out for not being your genuine self, take a look at your Instagram. Is each and every one of your posts reflective of what is most important to your life? Do you edit to the point that all of your imperfections are blurred out? Are you proud of what you post?

I know that if I want to become a confident leader I have to be authentic to myself and that is why I am on a mission to change my way of thinking. I hope that I can live a happier and more successful lifestyle with the valuable lessons I was given this weekend.

We are only ingenuine when we are upset or unsure of who we are. If you are sure of who you are, share it with the world and people will admire you for being you.


Holiday Favorites

With the semester finally coming to an end, I am ecstatic to start writing for my blog again! This semester was the hardest one yet but I am so happy to be finished and to be home for the holidays. To help me get in the Christmas spirit I thought I would share some of my holiday favorites!


Food is definitely my favorite part of any holiday. So here are a few of my favorite sweet treats…

  • Gingerbread Lattes~ My all-time favorite flavor of coffee. It’s truly a must. Very few local coffee shops offer gingerbread as a seasonal flavor but Starbucks always comes through this time of year.
  • Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies~ Anyone who knows me knows that peanut butter is my favorite food. Put it in a cookie, coat it with sugar, and plop a Hershey kiss on top and there you go: the best cookie.
  • Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses~ I’ve never been a fan of milk chocolate or cherries, but these are ADDICTING.


Christmas movies automatically put me in the Christmas spirit! Here are some of my favorites…

  • Elf~ I can probably watch this movie a million times (each year) and NEVER get sick of it. In fact, I can probably quote every single word. There’s just something so loveable about Buddy the Elf that makes me so excited for Christmas.
  • White Christmas~ Well if you didn’t know this already, I am obsessed with musicals. This movie is the combination of two of my favorite things: Christmas AND musicals. There truly is nothing better than an Irving Berlin score and Bing Crosby.
  • Love Actually~ I’ve actually just recently added this to my list of favorites. I just love the way it shows how small our world can be and to cherish the people around us. This movie makes me laugh and it makes me cry, it makes me feel thankful for the people I have in life.

Things to Do

  • Winterfest at King’s Island~ Last year King’s Island brought back their Winterfest and it’s becoming a new tradition for me. I have always been a fan of Kings Island and I think they do an excellent job with Winterfest. Beautiful light displays, talented actors, and delicious hot chocolate make for a fun night!winterfest
  • Festival of Lights~ I absolutely love the Cincinnati Zoo and the Festival of Lights is something I look forward to going to every year. Their light displays are breathtaking and it’s always fun to grab a hot chocolate while walking around and enjoying the animals on a cold winter night.festival of lights
  • the Nutcracker~ Every Christmas for 11 years I was lucky enough to fill my head with visions of sugarplums. Dancing in the Nutcracker was something I looked forward to every single year and now that I am no longer dancing, I continue to keep this tradition alive. Whether its Cincinnati Ballet or a local production of the Nutcracker, I highly recommend making this a tradition of your own. A huge shout out to SDA Studios as they perform this weekend!sugarplum

I hope you enjoyed my list of Holiday favorites! Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful winter season!

the Fall of Falling

I apologize for the lack of blog posts for the past few months. As most of you know I started my sophomore year at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) back in August and unfortunately I haven’t had the time or motivation to focus on my blog, or really anything other than school. It has been one of THOSE semesters. Every day this semester I have been running around just trying to get everything done. I have had many sleepless nights, many Starbucks orders, many exams, many projects, many papers, and many obligations that have caused me to feel pulled in a million directions. This semester has definitely taken a toll on my mental health and has made me lose motivation in things that I adore the most. This so happens the be the fall of falling.

I think the cause of most of this is the fact that I always have big expectations over the things I am excited about. The beginning of this semester I was so excited to be back at school. I had a long list of things I was most excited for written down so that I could have things to keep me motivated. Unfortunately, the things I was most excited about ended up being huge disappointments for this year. Nothing was going the right way, and for someone who is a planner, I had no control in my life. I eventually got stuck in this rut of not enjoying my classes, friends, faith, hobbies, or activities… the things that I typically find enjoyment in. I was no longer enjoying myself at school and started resenting the things I loved doing. This led me to seclude myself from others and hide in my dorm alone. I didn’t want to see anyone because I was so upset about everything that I became embarrassed of myself. I felt as if no one could possibly understand what all I was going through.

Earlier this week I got the chance to meet up with my women’s bible study while I was home for fall break and realized that I was not the only one struggling. Everyone had something that was happening in their life whether it was lacking motivation, struggling in school, or just feeling lonely at times. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling helped me realize that I did not have to be alone during this time. I don’t have to seclude myself from everyone because they are there to help me through all of this. I learned that I should strive towards the things that make me happy in order to get out of this “Fall of Falling”.

So… that brings me here! I enjoy writing (except when it’s for my horrible news writing class) it is a way to make me feel connected to others, and I hope that some good comes of it. When it comes to the internet and social media, all I see are the perfect things in people’s lives. I only see the things people want to show off and as much as I love seeing the good, it’s refreshing to see the bad. I want this blog to become something real. I don’t want to pretend like my life is perfect when it’s not, and I especially don’t want people thinking my life is perfect when it’s not. I want people to feel at peace when they are reading my posts because they know that they are not alone in whatever they may be dealing with.