Ringing in the Resolutions

I may be a few days late, but Happy New Year! I absolutely love this time of year, mostly for the amount of determination I see in everyone around me. With that being said, 2020 is filled with endless possibilities and I can’t wait all it brings.

I decided to take the first few days of 2020 to reflect on the past year and what I really wanted to achieve. I feel like I start every January with a long list of goals that I plan to achieve in the year to come. However, by the time February comes around I notice that the motivation behind these goals has disappeared. Well, this year I thought it best to document my goals publicly so that I can hold myself accountable. So let’s ring in this new year with new resolutions! Here are my personal goals for 2020 along with the steps I plan on following throughout the year:

  1. Put God first
- Pray more
- Start going to church every week
- Trust him
- Do daily Devotionals 

I realized that this has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I have always put other things above my faith. This year, I pray that God allows me to follow through with my goal of starting each day in his word. He has granted me many resources (the Bible app is a blessing) and I am proud to say that I am on track to finish reading the Bible using the Bible in One Year 2019 by Nicky Gumbel (which is FREE on the Bible App!) This daily devotional plan has already changed my perspective on 2020 and has encouraged me to grow deeper in my relationship with God. If this is also a goal of yours, I encourage you to start this plan.

2. Become a Morning Person

- Get 8 hours of sleep each night
- Stop using my phone by 9:30 pm
- Set phone far away from my bed
- Set fewer alarms in the morning

I used to consider myself a morning person but after this past semester, I have discovered that I am most definitely NOT a morning person. I struggled to get out of bed and saw myself setting 5 alarms just to get out of bed by 8am. This year, I hope that I can get up early so that I can have an easy and relaxing start to each day. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I’ll be able to stay off my phone after 9:30 pm… which leads to my next goal.

3. Limit Social Media Usage

- Set time limits using iPhone settings
- Stay off phone after 9:30 pm
- No social media before 9:00 am

Social media has not been kind to my mental health, yet I still see myself spending hours every day using it. I hope that limiting my social media usage will allow for more time to have new experiences and happier life.

4. Strengthen Relationships

- Text and Communicate more
- Set plans in advance
- Focus more about the other person

I will admit that I am not the best at maintaining relationships. I find myself so focused on myself and my own personal goals that I forget to spend time with the people in my life. This year, I plan on dedicating more time with the relationships I have simply by setting plans far in advance and communicating more frequently.

5. Bring music back in my life

- Don't be worried about what others think
- Do vocal exercises every day
- Learn basic chords for the piano

Music used to be a HUGE part of my life. I played the flute up until 9th grade and then pursued singing for the next four years. I absolutely loved creating such wonderful music and it was something that brought me so much joy. Unfortunately, I let my worries be the reason to stop. I began telling myself that I wasn’t good and became so embarrassed by my voice. Well in 2020 my voice will not be silenced. I hope to bring singing back into my life by learning a few chords for the piano and practicing vocal techniques!

No matter how hard your goals get remember to not give up! It is ok to try again. You can start goals at any time of the year, not just in January. I have a good feeling about 2020 and what it will bring to my life. I hope that you feel the same way! Feel free to share your goals and plans for this new year, I am rooting for you!

~Katelyn Sinclair


Published by Katelyn Sinclair

Hello there, my name is Katelyn Sinclair! I am a Christian College Lifestyle Blogger from Cincinnati, OH, and can't wait to share my stories with the world.

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