Pack with Me: Disney

As I sit here packing for my fun two-day adventure in Walt Disney World, I thought I would share with you all some of my Disney essentials!

First off: Outfits!

Planning my outfits is my favorite part of packing for any trip ESPECIALLY Disney. I love being able to express myself and my love for Disney with adorable clothes. I also love being able to see everyone else’s outfit ideas while I am walking around the parks.

When packing for Disney it is important to remember that cute must equal comfort. Walking around for 12+ hours each day in the scorching Florida heat is not very fun when you’re not dressed appropriately. I recommend light and airy clothing as well as shorts!

Epcot and Hollywood Studios: This trip I am only spending two days in the parks. On the first day I am visiting Epcot in the morning and Hollywood Studios in the evening. I am wearing an old pair of jean shorts and this cute embroidered Disney shirt. I’m also bringing a Disney sweatshirt to wear at night while I am watching the fireworks. During the day I plan on wearing my Groot hat (pictured later) and of course my white Adidas shoes (also pictured later)

Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom: Our second day we are visiting the Kingdoms! I decided to pack a coral/pink tank top and athletic shorts because it is supposed to get up to 90 degrees (gotta love Florida am I right?) I also packed my Adidas because they are the COMFIEST shoes I have ever owned and they are perfect for doing an intense amount of walking in the parks. Last but not least I packed my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears because I can’t go to Magic Kingdom without taking pictures with them.

What’s in my Disney bag?

Backpacks are a MUST when it comes to theme parks. Here is a list of everything I take into the parks with me

  1. A Backpack- For this trip I wanted to find a backpack that was both functional and fashionable. I came across this light coral/ pink one at Target for $20 and just had to have it (plus it matches my Rose Gold ears)
  2. Minnie Ears- Ears are the best part of Disney in my opinion. Whatever your style is, I am willing to bet there are ears that match it! I think ears are a fantastic way to express yourself while also showing your love for Disney. I am personally a fan of the Rose Gold ears but there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of ears out there. I bought these Rose Gold ones from EBay but they can also be found online or at the parks. There are also many great Etsy shops that sell custom ears of almost any design or character you can think of!
  3. Sunglasses- DO NOT FORGET THEM. Trust me, I’ve been there before. The ones that I am bringing are actually from the time I forgot my sunglasses and had to buy them in Magic Kingdom. If you want to avoid overpriced sunglasses, I recommend you bring them!
  4. Sunscreen (not pictured)- It’s Florida. Just trust me on this one.
  5. A Hat- Baseball hats are great for sunny Florida days. I personally like wearing them so I don’t have to worry about my face getting red, but they are also super cute and the perfect accessory! I am bringing my Groot hat that I bought last year in Hollywood Studios.
  6. A Portable Phone Charger- You will be using your phone a lot to take pictures so these come in handy!
  7. An Autograph Book- If you love meeting characters I recommend buying an autograph book! You can find them in every park and in many gift shops. I think it is a great way to keep track of the characters you meet.
  8. Water Bottle (not pictured)- It’s important to stay hydrated (especially in Florida heat)
  9. A Plastic Rain Poncho- it rains A LOT in Florida and unfortunately this rain is pretty unpredictable. I recommend bringing a cheap rain poncho into the parks just in case it storms! You can buy ponchos at Walmart, Meijer, dollar stores, etc. You can even buy ponchos in the parks but for a hefty price.

I hope you enjoyed packing with me! Stay tuned for pictures and posts from my trip 🙂

~ Katelyn Sinclair


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