Fall Favorites

The leaves shift shades, the air gets crisper, and suddenly everything smells like pumpkin spice. It is my absolute favorite season y’all: it’s fall!

It is truly a blessing to live in Cincinnati in autumn because of the remarkable nature, numerous amounts of pumpkin patches, and all the fun activities there is try. Here is a list of some of my Fall Favorites!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I have to admit that I am a lover of the pumpkin spice, specifically pumpkin spice lattes. There is something so cozy and warm about the famous fall drink that makes it a priority for this time of year. However, Starbucks truly changed the game this year with their Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. As a cold-coffee fanatic, I felt like this was the most perfect way to combine my love of the PSL and Cold Brew. The Pumpkin foam was the perfect amount of sweet to go along with the Starbuck’s irresistible cold brew. Thank you Starbs, for making this fantastic fall favorite.

Sweater Weather

Sweaters. Need I say more? I am someone who is almost always cold and I am so thankful for the time of year when it is finally socially acceptable to wear sweaters. Nothing makes me happier than putting on a soft sweater to keep me warm as I walk to class on a chilly fall morning.

My personal favorite for this year is a thrifted chunky rose-colored sweater.

Kings Island Halloween Haunt

This is a new favorite of mine. For years, I have HATED going to Haunt. My friends and boyfriend would have to drag me into the park because I hated it so much. But this year I gave in… and bought myself a no scare necklace to protect me from all of the scarers. I have to admit that this was probably the best $12 I have ever spent in my life. It was a shield to protect me from the scary actors which led me to an appreciation for Kings Island Halloween Haunt. Maybe next year I will learn to appreciate it without the necklace…

Fall Candles

Bath and Body Works coming in clutch with the fall scents, am I right? My favorites of the fall scents have to be Leaves and Flannel. I’m not one for sweet/ sugary smells when it comes to scents, I much prefer crisp and clean smells. If you’re like me, or if you are having trouble getting into this fall spirit, I recommend you locate the nearest Bath and Body Works and find one of these scented candles IMMEDIATELY. Light one of those three- wick bad boys and you will feel as though you are walking through an autumnal wonderland.

~Spooky~ Movies

Who doesn’t love seasonal cinematic masterpieces? I absolutely love watching movies that put me in a spooky mood. My personal favorite has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, mostly because it combines my love of Halloween, Christmas, AND Disney. I mean what more could I ask for in a movie? Once the song “This Is Halloween” hits, I’m instantly ready for ~spooky season~

Do you agree with any of my fall favorites? Let me know!

~ Katelyn Sinclair


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Hello there, my name is Katelyn Sinclair! I am a Christian College Lifestyle Blogger from Cincinnati, OH, and can't wait to share my stories with the world.

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