5 Small Ways to Grow Closer to God

Within the past year, I made it a priority to grow in my faith. I wanted a close relationship with God that would last a lifetime. During the past few months, I made some small changes in my life that I believe have helped my relationship with God grow. So, here are a few ways you can grow closer to God in your everyday life!

1. Switch Out Your Music With Worship Music

I am not saying you have to completely get your favorite playlists, but the next time you turn on music, try turning on a worship playlist. This is something I started doing back in January and, I’ve learned to love it! Instead of listening to the Hamilton soundtrack (for the millionth time) in my car, I turn on some worship music. For someone who is not a fan of driving, I’ve noticed that it makes my drives a little less stressful! I’ve also started listening to worship when I am studying or working, again, I feel as though I am a little more focused and relaxed.

2. Turn on the Verse of the Day Notification

This is one that is so simple, yet so important! Sometimes one verse can change your entire day, so why not get a little taste of what God is trying to speak to you? I have found so many incredible verses through the verse of the day on the Bible App, which has helped me feel closer to God.

3. Listen to Christian Podcasts

If you are like me and are trying to get into listening to podcasts, try listening to Christian podcasts! I know that my church, as well as many others, post their weekly services on apps such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This is a great way to catch up on weeks that you missed church, or relisten to your favorite messages!

A few of my favorite Christian podcasts:

4. Write Out Your Prayers

Feeling stressed about something? Take a second to write it down and then pray about it. No matter how big or how small your prayer is, God will listen. I suggest writing down prayers because it gives you a few moments to actively pray about it. Plus, writing it down helps you remember it.

I love to write my prayers in a small journal, that way, I can pray over the same things later that evening. This also helps me look back and see which prayers were answered, and which ones haven’t!

5. Follow Christian Bloggers/ Influencers on Social Media

We are what we consume. Think about who you are following. Are you following people who inspire you? Or are you following people who are making you feel poorly? If you are constantly consuming negative media, you are going to start feeling negative emotions. 

A few months ago, I noticed I was mostly following people who I compared myself to. I found myself wishing I looked the way they did, wanting what they had, and comparing my life to theirs. Back in April, I did a HUGE unfollowing of people who did not bring me joy in any way. I unfollowed a lot of celebrities, huge Instagram Influencers, Youtubers, you name it. I then started following more people who had similar values as me and people who genuinely inspire me. Now, I love going on Instagram. I learn new things every day, I feel more engaged with the community I created, and I am inspired to share more about myself on that platform.

A few of my favorite Christian Ladies on Instagram:

***Of course, I cannot list ALL of my favorite bloggers but feel free to check out who I follow!

I hope you all enjoyed this list! These are small things you can incorporate in your everyday life, and grow even closer to God. Are you already doing some of these things? Let me know how it has impacted you!


Published by Katelyn Sinclair

Hello there, my name is Katelyn Sinclair! I am a Christian College Lifestyle Blogger from Cincinnati, OH, and can't wait to share my stories with the world.

6 thoughts on “5 Small Ways to Grow Closer to God

  1. I am so excited to hear you mention podcasts, Katelyn, that’s completely aligned with my favorite things to do! A few I feel like you would like are Grit ‘n’ Grace Girls and Christian Women In Business, and I’m interested to check out the ones you mentioned x thank you for this timely and meaningful post!

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  2. I have been trying to get closer to God for the last few months. I have incorporated prayer into my daily meditation and have also started going back to church. I think I am going to start listening to Christian podcasts and Gospel music as well! Thanks for this post 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am in the same boat as you at the minute, I’ve started an alpha course and have done little things like put my verse of the day on and follow Christian bloggers. It really helps. I’ll definitely try podcasts and music! 💗

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