Cincinnati Coffee Trail

Bored during quarantine? Want a way to get out of the house AND support local businesses? To support my favorite coffee shops in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area, I thought it would be fun to create a “coffee trail” for you to explore new local shops. This trail can be accomplished within a few hours and allows you to see several different spots in the Greater Cincinnati area! If you don’t want to finish the trail all in one day, no worries, just treat it as a list of new shops to try, whenever you get the chance. If you are not from Cincinnati I encourage you to create your own coffee trail in a city near you.

Things to note before you begin:

  • This list goes in order from the NKY shop, to the shops all the way in Hamilton, OH. Depending on your location, you may want to switch up the order.
  • A few of these shops are not open on Sundays!
  • Some of these shops may have different hours due to COVID-19, so do your research and plan accordingly. (I’ve linked each shop’s website to help you plan!)
  • These are just a few of my favorite shops, I know that there are a bunch of shops in between the trail that I encourage you to add to the journey! (Also feel free to add them below in the comments)
  • Lastly, HAVE FUN, drive safely, and wear your face mask!
graphic of a trail

Carabello Coffee- Newport, KY

Photo of caramel latte at Carabello Coffee

First stop, Carabello Coffee in Newport, KY! My favorite shop for when I’m at school. It is the cutest and coziest place, perfect for studying. I recommend trying their caramel latte hot, or any of their seasonal drinks.

Address: 107 E 9th St, Newport, KY 41071

graphic of a trail

Coffee Emporium- Downtown Cincinnati

Photo of coffee cup from Coffee Emporium

Second stop, Coffee Emporium! I have only been to the Coffee Emporium in Over the Rhine, but there is a second location in Hyde Park (if that is closer for you!) I recommend trying their Milky- Way Latte if you love chocolate and caramel coffee.

Address: 110 E Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45202 or 3316 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

graphic of a trail

Cavu Coffee- West Chester, OH

Photo of iced coffee from Cavu Coffee. It is sitting on a marble table next to a vase of flowers

Third Stop, Cavu Coffee! Cavu is a little bit of a drive from Coffee Emporium, but it was my favorite shop when I was in high school. I recommend their Kitty Kat Latte (hot or iced), it’s incredible.

Address: 7755 Cox Ln, West Chester Township, OH 45069

graphic of a trail

Kala Coffeehouse- Mason, OH

Photo of a latte in a mug on top of a wooden table. It is next to a plant and a journal.

Fourth stop, Kala Coffeehouse! My favorite place to get coffee with friends. They have an incredible menu of drinks, sandwiches, and more. My “go-to” is their Iced Cashew Coffee and Eggwich sandwich, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

Address: 4503 US-42, Mason, OH 45040

graphic of a trail

Coffee Cup Overflowing- Hamilton, OH

A coffee cup that says "Coffee Cup Overflowing" and has the name, "Kate" written with a marker. It is sitting next to a vase of flowers

Our fifth stop is Coffee Cup Overflowing in Hamilton, OH! This is such a sweet shop over by the Bridgewater Falls shopping area. They always have a great seasonal menu, so be sure to try one of their specialty drinks!

Address: 6544 Winford Ave, Hamilton, OH 45011

True West Coffee

Last, but certainly not least, is True West Coffee. This was the FIRST coffee shop that I fell in love with, and the shop that started my obsession with coffee. It is such a cozy and beautiful shop that holds a special place in my heart. I recommend their mocha (iced or hot) and their True West Salad.

A coffee cup sitting on a table. It has the True West Coffee logo and also has "mocha" written on it with permanent marker

Address: 313 Main St, Hamilton, OH 45013

I hope you enjoy these shops as much as I do! Be sure to comment if you have more suggestions, I would love to try new shops myself.

~Katelyn Sinclair


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Hello there, my name is Katelyn Sinclair! I am a Christian College Lifestyle Blogger from Cincinnati, OH, and can't wait to share my stories with the world.

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