Rebranding: A New Start to My Story

If you’re a new friend of the Katelyn Sinclair Blog, I hope you’re thinking, “Wow! I love her blog’s look!” and If you’re an old friend and supporter, you may be thinking, “there’s something different here!” Well, that something may just look like a new logo and a new website… but it’s a bit more than that.

In September, I wrote a post saying that I wanted to post content twice a month. However, that did not happen. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to produce content, I just found myself struggling to feel inspired. I realized that the reason I wasn’t posting was that I was not creating content that I was proud of. My blog wasn’t what I had dreamt it to be and with that, I knew it was time to rebrand.

What’s rebranding you may ask? 

Rebranding is a marketing strategy used to change the corporate image of a company, organization, or in this case brand. A brand can decide to rebrand for many reasons which include: 

  • Connecting with a new audience
  • Reflecting on new goals, products, etc. 
  • Setting the brand apart from competitors

I want to use this blog as a way to build my personal brand. As a PR and Marketing student, I have always found branding yourself incredibly important. I believe that I am a different person than the person who started this blog two years ago. I’m filled with new creative ideas and new experiences to help me make this blog what I want it to be.

Reflecting on new goals

A big part of this decision comes from having new goals. One goal is that I want a blog that allows me to share my story with those who are willing to listen. If you haven’t already, check out my new “About” page to read more about my goals with this blog.

Another goal of mine was to have a place to develop my skills as a Public Relations and Marketing professional. With this new brand, I hope to talk about the things that I am most passionate about, one of those things being my career. This space can be used as a way to publish writing samples, showcase photography, and network with others.

Connecting to a New Audience

My blog before did not have many readers. I would consider a “good post” to have more than 10 page views. I knew that something was off and I knew that the only people my content was reaching were friends and family.

The issue was I was trying to reach a large number of people, rather than creating content for a specific audience. I realize now that a lot of my audience are people my age who share a similar lifestyle as me. I am now focusing more on my content on my lifestyle and personal interests and using social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to reach that audience.

Ideally, I hope to reach an audience of young college students who are a little bit like me: an introvert. It is TOUGH being an introvert and it’s even harder to put yourself out there. I truly believe that I have a lot to say and I hope that my fellow introverted friends can connect with me, my interests, and more.

Setting My Brand Apart

As a blogger, I don’t believe I have any competitors. I think every blogger has something unique about their writing that allows them to connect with people. With my previous blog, I felt like I was trying so hard to be like other bloggers that my writing didn’t reflect me in the way I wanted it to.

With this new brand, my content is transforming into something I am proud of and I am excited to share this new content with all of you. I already feel like my website alone relates to my personality more than it did before.

I cannot wait to see where this new blogging journey takes me. Here’s to a new start to my story, I hope you feel inclined to keep reading!

~Katelyn Sinclair


Published by Katelyn Sinclair

Hello there, my name is Katelyn Sinclair! I am a Christian College Lifestyle Blogger from Cincinnati, OH, and can't wait to share my stories with the world.

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